Install Wordpress - cPanel

  1. log into cPanel for your domain and search for the Site Software menu. You can use the find feature to make this easy.
  2. From the Site Software menu, select WordPress. You can also choose to receive notifications when automatic updates are available for the program from this menu.
  3. From here, you’ll want to set up your WordPress install, and then click Submit Moderation Request.
    • Admin User - This is your WordPress administrative user.
    • Admin Pass - Set your WordPress administrative user password.
    • Email - The email address associated with the WordPress admin user.
    • Installation URL - This is setting the home page your WordPress site will reside at. If you’d like to install it on the parent domain, leave this area blank.
    • Blog name - The name of your WordPress site.
    • Blog description - A quick line to describe your new site.
    • Table Prefix - This determines the database table prefix to be used for your WordPress site. You can leave this as default, or edit it for easier identification later.
    • MySQL DB - Here you can select the database to be used for your WordPress site. We highly recommend creating a new database for each site, to avoid your websites interfering with one another.
  4. On the following page, click Submit Request.
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